Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update: We are doing well

Good Days, Bad Days................

I have to say that the past few months have been pretty darn good. We have had much to look forward to and are very excited about being grandparents. Its amazing to watch the daughter as her body changes. Knowing that she is "housing" and "feeding" our little critter.

Love, Love, Love the idea of her living at home right now. Being a part of this, but closer than most get to be. I would be very sad if she wasn't at home. My husband, who is doing really well, is probably more excited than I. He has wanted to be a grandpapa for a while. Knowing very well that time is not his friend, feeling that his days to be a grandpa are numbered.

I try to get him to live healthier. I offered up my time in an effort to start up the "MS Recovery Diet" with one stipulation. He must quit smoking. The one thing he is doing that probably speeds up this terrible disease. I don't know if he's thinking "what does it matter, I'm gonna go down when I go down, and I can't stop it". I try to give him the numbers on the progression possibilities with and without 'living healthier' but he doesn't see to care.

I know I said things were good, and they really are. But some things never change and him smoking is one of those things. I want him around as we age. I want him here to enjoy our family. The one thing that life, to me, is all about. FAMILY

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